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BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition: The “unofficial” M2 CSL comes to light

With the BMW M2 CS the Bavarian firm put an end to a model, the M2 , which recovered the sensations of the classic BMW M3. A model that became more and more interesting with its improved Competition versions and already at the end of last year a final fireworks with the M2 CS. However, many expected a last encore in the form of an M2 CSL with which M Performance would once again get every last drop of performance out of this sports car. Unfortunately in mid-2020 came the sad and partly expected news that the M2 would say goodbye to the European market at the end of this year , throwing off the arrival of a hypothetical CSL.

However, there is nothing that good preparation cannot do, so Marc Ruten, a fervent fan of BMW in Germany, teamed up with the design department of the German brand to create a kind of unofficial BMW M2 CSL known as M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition . A veritable beast even wilder than the M2 CS that answers the question of what would have happened if BMW had decided to make a BMW.

Lighter, more powerful and with a racing essence

The improvements with respect to the M2 CS that we know come mainly thanks to a welcome reduction in weight of up to 110 kg that results in a model that weighs almost the same as a BMW M3 E46 CSL, for the owner of this new machine, the best BMW of history.

BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition
BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition

However, the changes do not stop here as the famous S55 3.0-liter six-cylinder biturbo engine has been modified to produce a total of 520 hp of power and 660 Nm of maximum torque, thanks to innovations such as a propulsion and exhaust system upgrades from Beek Auto Racing and Akrapovic respectively, as well as a new suspension kit from AST Suspension, or new software from Defined Coding to manage the gearbox.

However, the most striking part of this Turbomeister Edition comes in its exterior finish with racing car style, inspired by the one worn by the famous BMW 2002 Hommage Turbomeister Concept , with which it shares that intense orange color, which even covers its optics, and black and white parts accompanied by different graphics and logos with the word Turbomeister , a side number with the number 02 or a special BMW logo.

A three-way collaboration

Esos detalles también llegan al interior donde encontramos una pieza para los umbrales de las puertas en fibra de carbono con la nueva denominación de M2 CSL, también presente en el portón trasero, así como un sello especial de BMW que se proyecta sobre el suelo para dar la bienvenida.

BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition
BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition

All this design is carried out by a British company called Topaz Detailing that worked together with Marc Ruten to make this final aspect a reality, which also had the help of the people of BMW who allowed to compare and measure the concept to make a model as much similar possible. Now in addition Topaz Detailing has also left a video that shows the whole process of transforming this M2 CS into a wild unofficial M2 CSL.

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