BMW iX5 2021: First Look & Photos

With the BMW Vision iNext study, the Bavarians are giving an outlook on the BMW iX5, which will go into series production in 2021. The SUV with electric motor promises long ranges and shows many new solutions in terms of connectivity and autonomous driving. The price is not yet known.

Unlike the many other studies that have been seen on this topic recently, the BMW iNext (BMW iX5) is not just a distant vision. “This concept car is a very specific reference to the next generation of iModels and will go into series production in 2021,” says Fröhlich, referring to the production model that is under discussion under the name iX5. From 2021, the BMW iNext should come off the assembly line at the Dingolfing plant.

By then, up to 100 prototypes of the electric SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) will have to prove themselves on the streets of the world, for example in the winter test center in Arjeplog, Sweden. At minus 23 degrees, the effects of the cold on the high-voltage battery, the cooling system, and the charging function of the vehicle are tested. As part of the test drives, chassis and drive components as well as the recuperation performance are put to a special test.

Furthermore, the winter conditions are used to fine-tune the steering and brakes. When the BMW iX5 (iNext) has cleared this hurdle, it is a step closer to series production with the goal of 2021. At what price the electric SUV will be available is not yet known.

iNext comes in 2021 as the BMW iX5: over 700 km range

The BMW iNext study provides a concrete outlook on the electrical future of the car manufacturer from Munich. In 2021, the study is to go into series production under the name BMW iX5 with an electric motor and long-range. “This is our trailblazer, which will pave the way for BMW in the future,” said Klaus Fröhlich, Board Member for Development, on a very high podium.

In other words: BMW shows what the car manufacturer means by the mobility of tomorrow. The functionality of the electric drive is so self-evident for BMW that Fröhlich only reveals a few details when asked, such as the range of over 600 kilometers and the sprint value (0 – 100 km / h) of less than four seconds. Depending on the battery size, the range of the BMW iX5 (2021) production model will be more than 700 kilometers.

“With 500,000 electrified BMWs by the end of the decade, that’s already the new normal for us,” says Fröhlich, and therefore names other challenges: Connectivity and autonomous driving are the subject areas for which the race will be decided in the future.

iNext: price of the BMW iX5 2021 still unknown

The Vision iNext (BMW iX5) is the first BMW to be designed from the inside out. While the carbon body looks like a mixture of X5 and i3 and is actually only surprising because of the egg-shaped rear and the newly interpreted kidney grille, you enter through the opposite hinged doors – a middle roof post, the so-called B-pillar does not exist – a whole new world.

There were no conventional BMW models like the Siebener Godfather here, but boutique hotels: the seats are therefore more reminiscent of armchairs and sofas. Where there were once consoles, there are now side tables and the choice of materials is as warm as it is cozy. “Up until now, digitalization has always been cold, sober and repellent,” observed Damagoj Dukec, who heads the design for BMW i.

“We want to put an end to this at iNext.” This also fits what is now called “user experience”. Because according to the motto “Shy Tech” instead of “High Tech” there are hardly any visible controls in the BMW Vision iNext (BMW iX5) apart from the two large touchscreens in front of the windscreen – even the pedals disappear when the driver switches from boost mode to Ease mode changes and the management task is delegated to the car.

The driver uses the “Hey BMW” command to discuss everything there is to control and operate in the BMW Vision iNext (BMW iX5) – or he makes appropriate gestures. In addition, there are sensor fields in the seat covers and consoles that react to finger movements and acknowledge the commands with light guides. You won’t find any screens around the rear sofa. Instead, BMW installed a projector in the roof of the Vision iNext study.

He automatically searches for a projection surface and turns a white sheet into a display, for example. As many surprising details as the study shows, rolling living rooms are not new: other manufacturers had even gone further than Bavaria in the division of space, for example, have dissolved the usual seating arrangement and turned the passengers towards each other.

With the BMW Vision iNext (BMW iX5), the lounge chairs fused to the side doors cannot be turned. The steering wheel retracts in autonomous driving mode, but never disappears completely. With all the many changes and innovations, one brand core should not be touched: BMW will continue to enjoy driving in the next decade.

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