BMW iX3 2021: New Tech & New Face Ready

It is already a reality, BMW presents the new iX3, the first electric SUV of the German firm. With a fully recognizable design and differentiated by special details, those in Munich already have an opponent for their rivals that will go on sale at the end of the year, with a powerful electric motor of almost 300 HP.

It is the first fully-electric BMW SUV. The new iX3 lands, a model that has undergone a long process of development so that customers feel the same sensations as the combustion models but transferred to a high-performance electric, with figures typical of six-cylinder versions.

The BMW iX3 shares exterior and interior design with the X3, including proportions, since it was conceived from this model. Aesthetically, it has special details, such as the unprecedented design of the radiator grille. The two “kidneys” now feature a satin-finish aluminum board and are joined at the center in one piece, while the interior is filled with a glossy black panel. A few flashes in blue reveal the electric model.

BMW iX3 2021
BMW iX3 2021

The front bumper also has vertical gills at the ends and a new open grill at the bottom. It supplies cooling air to the electric motor, while the vertical ones ventilate the brakes, giving off the air through the aerodynamic wheels, which have a single star design but different finishes, the only ones available for this SUV.

The iX3 has a cover on the left front wing with the battery charging plug, as in plug-in hybrids, one more differentiating detail, and to which is added a smooth rear bumper, without exhaust pipes and something lower, with some details in blue in the area of ​​the exhausts.

BMW iX3 2021
BMW iX3 2021

The interior design is also the same as the X3, although the «Digital Cockpit» instrument cluster has a standard mode with blue illumination showing all the power and performance information, while The center console screen also shows navigation directions, the most efficient routes to a destination, nearest charging points or cargo information, among others.

The boot cubes a cargo volume of 510 liters, a figure that can be expanded to 1,560 liters if the rear seats are folded down. The standard equipment is complete since we will find among other elements:

  • LED headlights
  • Automatic three-zone climate control with pre-heating and pre-conditioning
  • Tailgate with electric drive
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Driving Assistant Professional
  • BMW Live Cockpit Professional digital instrument cluster
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • The autonomy of the BMW iX3

The iX3 is based on the same HPLC platform as the combustion models, conveniently adapted to the purest sustainable mobility models. The electric motor replaces the combustion motor in the front, but transmits the 210 kW of maximum power -286 hp- to the rear wheels, through a single-speed gearbox, with detailed performance below.

BMW iX3 2021
BMW iX3 2021

The fifth-generation eDrive technology also includes a battery between the axles, which does not lose interior habitability, and which offers a continuous capacity of 80 kWh, leaving a net of 74 kWh, offering a maximum autonomy of 460 kilometers. Rechargeable in a fast charge socket up to 150 kW in direct current fast-charge stations. To complete the loading process from 0 to 80% we will only need 34 minutes. A 10-minute charge in these conditions generates about 100 km of autonomy.

BMW iX3, made in China for everyone

BMW iX3 2021
BMW iX3 2021

Another key that will mark the future of this new electric vehicle is that its production will focus on the Asian giant. That’s right, the new iX3 will be manufactured at a plant that BMW has in Shenyang, China. A production center maintained alongside one of its local partners, Brilliance.

China will be the first country to receive this electric SUV. Its launch will take place at the end of 2020. To see the first units in Spain we will have to wait for the first quarter of 2021. When its launch date approaches, BMW will confirm the rest of the details of the range and, what is more relevant, all your prices.

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