BMW i8 2021: Fresh Look, Photos & Price

In 2021 BMW i8 will usher in a new era in which the electric car will not be just an appendix or a separate brand at its dealerships. A date in which we will see the arrival of a new generation led by the i4, which will become the first 100% electric BMW that is part of the Bavarian brand’s design philosophy.

But for some to enter, others have to leave. At least that’s how they think of BMW who have decided that after almost six years in production, the BMW i8 will stop production this spring.

From the manufacturer, it has been indicated that those interested in acquiring a unit of this plug-in hybrid of groundbreaking design, will have to do so before the end of February. An end of the cycle that in some cases is beginning to mean seeing some bargains of units in stock that must be sold urgently and that can be found with discounts of more than 20,000 euros.

BMW i8 2021
BMW i8 2021

Initially unveiled in its prototype with a turbo-diesel propulsion system at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the i8 finally went on sale in 2014 as a flagship of BMW’s new range of electrified vehicles i at the hands of a plug-in hybrid system.

An i8 that has passed without penalty or glory in the market and with the sole objective of being a representative model without high sales expectations. Something that would not be easy to achieve with a very unambitious configuration, where we found a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine coupled to a 131 hp electric motor that is powered by a battery of just 7.1 kWh and that allowed it to move around. electric mode up to 37 km under the old NEDC cycle, which in the real world was only about 25 km.

BMW i8 2021
BMW i8 2021

The result was a fast car, 4.4 seconds up to 100 km / h, and very efficient with an average consumption that according to the Spritmonitor website, which measures the real consumption of users, in hybrid mode was capable of doing 100 km with just 5.5 liters. Something beyond the reach of its segment rivals. A figure that of course shot once the charge of its small battery was finished.

An i8 that has seen how the rumors and the constant changes of the opinion of BMW have given it from a new generation to a 100% electric version, and even a hydrogen one. But finally, the manufacturer has chosen to end its useful life and end its production already this year.

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