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Audi TT 2021: First Look & Photos

Audi is replacing three models with a chic estate coupe: A3 Sportbrake, A5 Coupé – and also the TT. The best: The four-door car should be significantly cheaper than the competition.

Sports cars and roadsters are out, the world prefers to buy SUVs and limousines. An Audi board member also said about : “If you take into account the falling demand and the rising costs, it is clear that Audi cannot afford this in the medium term. Instead, there is intensive thought about the coupé and convertible in the compact segment. They replace the TT . ” Even more: A3 Sportback and the A5 Coupé are also to be incorporated into the new Coupé! What the board of directors does not say yet: The coupe will be a four-door!

Combi coupe with large tailgate

The new sports cracker from Ingolstadt received the design approval of the board a few weeks ago and will be on the market in two years at the latest. The front, the exhibited wheel arches, flat roof and rear – the new “combi coupe” with a large tailgate noticeably borrows from the Urquattro. Amazingly, the Audi is based on the extended compact platform from Wolfsburg, which the next Skoda Octavia and the Tiguan also use.

Audi TT 2021
Audi TT 2021

Above all, this should reduce costs, compared to the current and similarly large A5, there is talk of around 1,400 euros.
This puts the Audi close to the sheet metal of the competition from Stuttgart and Munich, is similar in size to the C-Class and 4 Series. But around 10,000 euros cheaper. The best prerequisites for cutting out the similarly expensive CLA and 2-series Gran Coupé from customers.

More cars for the same money – a completely new strategy in Ingolstadt. This also applies to the drives. At the latest since this year, the last one has also realized that things cannot go on as before. The diesel has to be cleaner on the road, the petrol engines more economical, keyword CO2 limit values ​​by 2030. For the cumbersome and cost-intensive auto industry that will be tomorrow. However, the VW Group has largely done its homework, so Audi can offer the new coupe with all drive types except the fuel cell. Without electrification, none of the sports cars will roll off the dealer’s yard.

It doesn’t work without electrification

First of all, there are the petrol engines. They get particle filters to avoid the looming debate about particulate matter. At the same time, the turbocharged engines are equipped with a 48-volt hybrid module as standard. It ironed out torque holes and at the same time helps to save, a minus of ten percent compared to today is under discussion. At the same time, the strategists are certain that the diesel that is so often written dead today will experience a renaissance!

That is why the diesel engines are also electrified and are given a double SCR system. Motto: Don’t fall behind again, prefer to lead by example and clean exhaust gas.

Audi TT 2021
Audi TT 2021

However, because the future of the diesel is not so certain and the diesel engine in the USA and China does not play a role, plug-in hybrids should also be offered. Around 300 HP are feasible – with the consumption of a diesel that is well in the feed. And if it comes out perfectly, Audi could even use the new VW modular system and offer the new coupé as an electric car.

Ranges of up to 600 kilometers at comparatively manageable costs could make the TT successor a competitor of the successful Tesla Model 3.

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