Audi Q5 2021: All Details & Photos, Price

At mid-life, the Audi Q5 will have a second youth. During 2021, it will completely review its front face, failing to make changes to its interior.

What changes in 2021? – It has been almost 4 years since the second generation of Audi Q5 was launched. To calmly approach the second half of its career, the mid-range SUV will benefit, in the coming months, from an update mainly related to aesthetics.

Recently converted to rechargeable hybridization, the Audi Q5 2021 now has a range of state-of-the-art engines. However, there is no 100% electric block, soon to be released by a certain Q4 e-Tron, with a significantly lower gauge. Few developments are therefore expected under the hood of the Q5, during this facelift, except for the introduction of an ultra-light 12 V hybridization.

Audi Q5 2021
Audi Q5 2021

It will be necessary to look at the plastic of the latter to show significant changes. Apart from the hood, its facies will display a new style. It will be a question for Q5 2021 of applying to its prow the tendencies adopted by the recent crossover of Ingolstadt, that are the Q8, Q3 and Q7 restyled. The optics will adopt a new silhouette, as well as a light signature more in tune with the times. Two headlights that will detach from the grille, itself deeply modified. Its hexagonal outline will give way to an 8-sided profile, overhanging a brand new shield. Pierced with vertical air intakes, it will accentuate the dynamism of the whole.

Mini modifications on the back

The changes will be more discreet at the rear. However, we will distinguish a new frame within the lights, as well as a revised and corrected shield look. Like the restyled Q7 in 2019, chrome elements could appear to elegantly highlight certain style details. To close the chapter on exterior design, new rims will be invited around a revamped rocker panel.

Audi Q5 2021
Audi Q5 2021

Onboard, it’s a disappointment. While the Q7 recently got a dashboard following the latest trends from the firm, the restyled Audi Q5 will renew its own. In detail, future buyers will console themselves by learning that the central screen will finally adopt touch technology, as well as an increased diagonal. But for the rest, it will be necessary to observe this new interior under a magnifying glass to detect an ounce of evolution.

Audi Q5 2021 price

The arrival of this new Audi Q5 should take place in the second half of 2021. Count on Audi to review the prices of the entire range upwards. The entry ticket should logically exceed € 47,000.

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