2021 Nissan X-Terra: All Details & Photos

X-Terra is the name of a new large SUV with an interior configured with 7 seats that Nissan just introduced. Here you have all your data and photos. The trend in the SUV segment is a global phenomenon. Throughout the planet, there are more and more models with this type of bodywork, which is why car manufacturers do not stop releasing new features in this segment. The latest example comes from the hand of Nissan, which has just presented the unprecedented X-Terra 2021.

As noted by Nissan’s communication department for the Middle East and Asia, the new X-Terra is structurally based on another existing model called Terra. One of the main characteristics of the new X-Terra is that its interior is configured with three rows of seats that can accommodate a total of seven passengers.

It should be remembered that in Europe, Nissan already offers a 7-seater SUV, such as the X-Trail, while in the United States the model in question is the Rogue. In this way, it is a mystery if the Japanese firm will finally extend the commercialization of the unprecedented X-Terra to different countries in South Asia and the Middle East.

2021 Nissan X-Terra

Nissan X-Terra 2021: its keys

The new seven-seater SUV sports an exterior design that highlights the appearance of its headlights and rear light clusters with LED technology, as well as a front grille with a great personality. Inside, the incorporation of higher quality materials stands out, as well as the presence of new multimedia information and entertainment system.

If we continue to analyze its cabin, an 11-inch folding screen with HDMI input also draws attention, while the occupants of the second and third rows have their roof-mounted climate controls. Nissan’s “Zero Gravity” seats for the front and center rows promise to reduce fatigue on extended trips. In the case of the second and third rows, these are placed a little higher as if they were simulating the seating configuration of an amphitheater or a concert hall.

2021 Nissan X-Terra

In the Middle East, Nissan will sell the 2021 X-Terra with a 2.5 four-cylinder petrol engine that develops 165 hp of power and 241 Nm of torque. These figures seem to be unremarkable for the dimensions and weight of this model, but these “details” may not matter at all if the technical equipment is analyzed if you want to practice extreme off-road driving, since the vehicle, in its versions with permanent all-wheel drive 4WD, incorporating an electronically locking rear differential and limited-slip differential, together with Hill Descent Control systems for descent control and Hill Start Assist for hill start assistance specially configured for rocky offroad areas, sand, mud, etc.

The seven-speed automatic transmission has a 4LO mode (which would act as a low-speed reducer in low gears) for especially tough terrain conditions, but if you don’t need any of the aforementioned off-road systems, the 2021 X-Terra is also available in a two-wheel-drive (rear) 2WD configuration for all but the highest trim levels, which can only be chosen with 4WD.

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